About Me :
Marilyn Smith

About Me :
Marilyn Smith

Certified Tao Academy Soul Healer

and Master Teacher.

About Marilyn Smith

I help people use self-healing to go
from pain to peace, joy, and gratitude.

Marilyn has been extensively trained by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, as a Master Teacher and

Healer through the Tao Academy and have over 15 years experience helping to transform pain

on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels. She has traveled extensively Teaching and Healing Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s wisdom. This role brought her to Hawaii, the Southeastern United States, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, Malaysia,and Australia.


Marilyn knows deeply the soul’s potential to heal and communicate. She has experienced both

aspects in her life. She has also done extensive consultation. From her earliest years, gratitude

has been a constant response in her life. Her book Gratitude: A Key to Happiness. has been

translated into German, Spanish and French. Marilyn has been an elementary school educator. During her career she has taught all grade levels and has also served as an elementary school administrator. Some of Marilyn’s fond memories are from the years she spent teaching special needs students who were at least two years below grade level in reading, math or both. Marilyn’s use of well researched multi-disciplinary, multi sensory, scaffold approaches enabled her students to discover learning could be fun and that they could succeed. The results were most students made significant progress.

A Masters in Religious Studies gave Marilyn a solid foundation in contemporary spirituality and

an understanding of various religious traditions. This made her a key participant in inter

denominational peace and justice activities. She was able to use her skills, knowledge and

background in places as diverse as Northern Ireland and El Salvador

Marilyn is extremely grateful to Master Sha for his teachings, guidance and countless blessings.

All of this has helped her to know deeply the soul’s potential to heal and communicate. She has

experienced both aspects in her life. She has lead workshops and retreats on these topics. She

has also done extensive consultation. She is honored to serve you by teaching these

breakthrough soul secrets which can transform your life.


GRATITUDE : A Key to happiness


You have the potential to transform problems into possibilities.Live a life of being unconditional, appreciative, reverent, respectful and experiencing joy. Countless people worldwide want to experience both happiness and health. It is possible to have both of these qualities as a very real part of your life. This book will give you a key to do just that. Gratitude: A Key to Happiness shares profound wisdom and practical suggestions on how to have gratitude as your natural response to life and how that response can change every aspect of your life. Doing the practices in this book can make your life a continued experience of gratitude and happiness. Gratitude, happiness, and health are such treasures. This book will give you the key to unlock these treasures.

Healing Testimonials

Healing Testimonials

See what people have learned and healing by working with me.


"I am truly grateful that you have once again helped to clarify my business goals and to begin to develop a plan to move forward. I am delighted that invariably, we begin with one issue and discover as we weave about, all issues generally are manifestations of the blockage to be transformed. I come away from consultations with you feeling, renewed, hopeful and with realization that Success is before me. With a clear plan every day is brighter. Thank you for your support and guidance."

Holly Sanders

"I have been practicing with you since June of 2021 & I have received many benefits from doing this. Overall, I feel much more grounded & centered than I have in 7 years, & I experience less anxiety & nervousness in stressful situations. Additionally, my immunity is exceptional. I am grateful that you provide this service to us because it has offered many improvements to my life."

Ulrike Bloch

"My fear of connecting with God or Divine has gone. The few times I sang to myself God gives his heart to me » changed something: Now there is something like a sheltering, very personal bell above my head and the distance to the other dimensions has reduced immensely. Last night, after the session, before going to bed, I put the notebook beneath my pillow, there was a light flickering around the rectangle form of the book! How can I ever thank you for this service on my soul journey."


"Your words are like pearls that guide me forever. Your actions could be very inspirational. For example, you told me to call you anytime except only one hour. See how healing this action can be? How many people in life can be this much available to others? So I have been transformed by you many times. I also enjoyed your foundational energy practice. I connected it to joy. So now as long as I heard your voice my energy flows up right away even before the practice starts. What a power!"


What qualifications does Marilyn have as a healer?

Marilyn has been trained extensively by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. She has received certifications in more than 10 healing modalities. Marilyn has had remarkable results with many different conditions ranging from acute ocular migraines to chronic back pain of over twenty years duration.

What qualifications does Marilyn have to give soul guidance?

What kind of guidance can I receive?

Who are the Holy Beings who give answers?

How do I get answers if I don’t believe in Holy Beings?

How does negative information show in my life?

Can I get rid of negative information by myself?

Is getting rid of blockages painful?

How is Gratitude a Key to Happiness? I say “Thank you” all the time and my life is not happy OR and I am not happy.

Is there one single thing I can do to improve all aspects of my life at the same time?